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Linktower Surveillance

Traffic Management
Link Tower has a history in road and tunneling projects Australia wide, our temporary and mobile surveillance solutions are used daily on roadways to assist traffic management personnel. We have the expertise to design, build, deploy and manage any mobile installation. Our mobile units have a variety of connection methods that allow for the flexibility and reliability in image and system transfer to multiple locations for example, a traffic monitoring centre or a project office where localised traffic management is managed on a standalone project specific basis.

Traffic management solutions have been provided by Link to many companies including:

• Thiess
• Airport Link Project
• Clem 7 Tunnels (formally the NSBT- North South By-Pass Tunnels)
• Queensland Rail

City Surveillance
Link Tower has a history in providing excellence in City CCTV and IP Camera system deployments. On occasions local authorities and Governments will require a robust, vandal proof mobile system, either trailer mounted or standalone battery operated units to enhance their coverage areas of surveillance on a temporary or semi-permanent basis.

Link has worked on numerous nationally funded local Council keystone City Surveillance projects including:

• Moreton Bay Regional Council
• Gold Coast City Council
• Brisbane City Council
• Clarence Valley Council

Our mobile camera systems and security units have also been used and rotated within particular areas for the purposes of evidence collection or investigatory purposes. Our temporary and mobile surveillance solutions are used and suited for City Surveillance. Link has the very latest technologically via multiple vendors (refer to our product partners) and skills to ensure your public areas are covered.

Police and Government Asset Protection
Many police and Government protection officials use Link Tower for the delivery of electronic mobile and temporary asset protection services. Link Tower offers a wide range of products tailored and designed for Policing Department and Government Assets within Australia and abroad. Whether it’s a Heads of State meeting, a World leader convention or protecting Government assets Link Tower is well positioned and equipped to assist with your project requirements.

Construction Site Monitoring
Link Tower’s Mobile Security CCTV Towers and independently deployable devices are unique. Link Tower prides itself in providing fully-integrated, rapid deployable security solutions. Since our inception, Link Tower has been the pioneers in the design, manufacture, and delivery management of such equipment. These devices deter, detect and prevent construction site crime, improve project management and ultimately improve health and safety for workers and visitors onsite.

Link Tower has assisted in numerous projects involving construction site monitoring including:

• Mining construction site security with site stock and material shrinkage issued
• High rise and master planned community remote CCTV (closed circuit television).trailers and mobile camera solutions both IP (internet protocol) and CCTV.
• Multiple site constructions for oil production sites, requiring close monitoring for the project management team- used for a progress monitoring and contractor and staff monitoring tool. Link Tower provides quality services and comprehensive security solutions for construction sites.

Critical Infrastructure Surveillance
On regular occasions, depending on the current threat levels of a risk assessment of a particular site, improved or additional surveillance may be required. In addition, on some other occasions security “black spots” or areas of improvement are identified within Critical Infrastructure sites and whilst a permanent solution is being deployed, a temporary surveillance solution may be required. On many occasions this solution is required on an urgent basic if only for a limited time.

In both such situations, whilst a permanent solution may be in the planning or implementation stage, it is of operational importance to be prudent and consider a mobile or temporary surveillance solution to ensure coverage. A solution that is capable of integrating with existing equipment onsite and a system that is dependable, robust and of the highest image quality. Link Tower is the only option for these types of situations, when security, and camera surveillance coverage is required in a timely manner.

Link Tower has deployed temporary and permanent solutions for:

• Airports
• Ports and harbour Protection
• Offshore oil Rigs
• Critical power plants
• Tunnel Command Centres
• High Security Sites
• Government Data Centres

Mining Applications
Link Tower is very proud to use and recommend NEMA and MIL specified equipment for mining and high risk sites.
We have developed mining specific mobile solutions for:

• Wi-Fi hotspot
• Point-to-point Microwave
• Point-to-multipoint
• Link Office Anywhere
• Mobile Office
• Microwave
• Security Intrusion and
• IP Video Surveillance & CCTV.

Our solutions are rapid solutions to ensure and facilitate our mining and resources customer’s 100% uptime of their plant and equipment. The mining environments of Australia are very unpredictable. Link Tower has developed solutions fit for industry.

Link Tower can assist any mine or related industry with the below specific offerings including:

• Rapid and Mobile Communications
• Link Tower – Mine Spec Trailers
• Explosion proof camera systems
• Camera cleaning solutions both automatic and manual types
• Surveillance and process control analytics
• Wide area virtual fence solutions
• Command and control solutions
• Wide area surveillance

Events Wide Area Monitoring
Link has a long a successful history in providing integrated wide area monitoring solutions. Link Tower has adapted robust camera monitoring products and tailored them for events including:

• Entry gate megapixel facial detection cameras and automatic logging of visitors onto a digital database
• Wide area surveillance of visitors and activity
• Crowd monitoring and supervision
• Temporary wireless installations incorporating wide area surveillance technologies for public safety.

Link can assist with many types of events including;

• Music festivals
• Tour de France
• Large national conventions
• Worldwide Leaders and Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings
• Sporting events and large functions

Our solutions operate on many platforms; we have in the past incorporated live feeds from the temporary and wide area surveillance systems onto many different types of systems including:

• Intranet portals for webcasts
• AV (audio visual) HD (high definition) large sports screens for the purposes of “finish line” monitoring or competitor tracking for example.
• Virtual and secure image and data transfer live from the Link Tower mobile devices via LINKs own transmission methods incorporating the very latest in encryption technology to end users in control rooms, management offices etc.

Riot Control Mobile Security Cameras
Link has assisted in the past with planned protests in allowing the authorities to improve camera coverage in and around areas of interest. The Link Tower mobile solutions can be covert or overt. The overt cameras act as a deterrent to bad inappropriate behaviour. Link has the ability to undertake assessments, deployments and ultimately install temporary or semi-permanent cameras for the purposes of managing protests.

Via our shared services business unit (Link Research & Development) Link invests heavily on research and development. Some 20% of total revenue is re-invested in R&D each year. Link is currently designing and trialling hardy and completely vandal resistant to military standards, riot control equipment and systems to assist authorities Worldwide in the management and control of such planned and unplanned events.