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Link Deploys surveillance trailers for demonstration for the Brisbane Ekka Show

Link has deployed our surveillance trailers at the Brisbane Ekka to demonstrate the benefits of such equipment to major events. The Trailer was used for OHS monitoring, traffic and parking monitoring, safety, used as litigation evidence, and for security purposes.

Link Deploys Remote Wireless Surveillance Trailers for LBBJV, Clem Jones Tunnel (Clem7)

Link has recently deployed remotely operated wireless safety and surveillance camera trailer system for LBBJV. The trailers are fitted with state of the art technology, which assists the company to better manage the project. The camera trailers can be easily deployed and moved and all controllable live via the next G network or wireless networking […]

Link Installs IP Monitoring Cameras for LBBJV, Clem 7 Twin Tunnel Project

Link has recently installed a number of traffic monitoring cameras for the LBBJV. The cameras are the most advanced network digital surveillance cameras in the world for remote monitoring and general surveillance. The system head end has a state of the art monitoring facility and console dedicated to operating and managing the camera network.

Link provides demonstration session for wireless and carrier services to the Neumann Group

Link consults the Neumann Group on backhaul wireless technologies, and integrated mesh solutions to assist them to better manage their construction, office and retail sites across Australia.

Link incorporates mobile IP cameras onto the Brisbane Metropolitan Traffic Management Centre (BMTMC) Control Room

Link has assisted the Brisbane BMTMC, a Queensland Government Transport Facility to install IP network cameras and integrate them onto their existing system and operational personal computer workstations.

Link builds wireless camera trailers on the Next G Network

Link builds wireless camera trailers on the Next G Network In the past two years Link has invested thousand of dollars into the development of advanced mobile and completely wireless surveillance technology adapted onto a road trailer. The system operates for solar energy and is completely self sufficient. The trailers can operate both CCTV and […]

Link develops Australia’s first robust wireless mobile alarm system

Link has worked with Bosch security systems to develop Australia’s first completely wireless robust alarm system tailored for the construction, development and mining industries. The systems use Bosch securities tritech range of expert sensors to deliver a solution which is unsurpassed within the industry.

BrisConnections Airport Link Project uses Link

Australia’s largest road project The Bris Connections Airport Link project undertaken by an alliance company Thiess John Holland has selected Link as the primary supplier for all traffic management cameras for the project.

Link installs LinkCam for Brisbane City Council

Link installs LinkCam for Brisbane City Council Link has installed a number of mobile pan tilt and zoom cameras for the Brisbane’s Airport Link project to be managed by the Brisbane Metropolitan Traffic Management Centre (BMTMC) and The Brisbane City Council along with The Department of Main Roads. The cameras are ethernet based IP cameras […]

Queensland Rail and University Queensland Level Crossing Investigation Study

Link gets involved in a study conducted by the University of Queensland (UQ) tailored to Queensland Rail to investigate traffic behaviour around rail level crossings. Link supplied mobile real time surveillance cameras at selected level crossings in Brisbane. These cameras were self powering devices with an inbuilt recording and transmitting interface. Logs of videos were […]